Doing some things using Kali Linux inside VirtualBox can be pretty slow. I like to use my Mac’s browser, editors and some other bits and pieces because it’s faster and then I use the VM just for the pen-testing tools.

Quick note this is how to fixed copy and paste not working.

Basically, your /etc/fstab file needs to be able to run binaries on the CD drive.

So all you need to do is simple add the exec option as described in the link above and then you can properly install the vitual box extension, after that a reboot is all that’s needed.

So, something like:

  1. Download the extension pack from the oracle virtual box web site. (

  2. Install it into VirtualBox via the installer.

  3. Start your Kali VM in VirtualBox.

  4. Load the extension into the virtual CD. (Devices -> Insert guest extensions CD)

  5. Click Run when it prompts you, and instead of seeing an error you should get a terminal with an install prompt.

  6. When it’s completed the install, then shutdown and restart your VM.