Phoenix 1.4 has been released and uses Webpack etc for managing assets instead of Brunch.

To use local, static, javascript files without npm and webpack you can do the following:

1) put your js files in the directory: assets/static
2) add the file names to the Plug.static section in the file: endpoint.ex


plug Plug.Static,
    at: "/",
    from: :myapp,
    gzip: false,
    only: ~w(css fonts images js favicon.ico robots.txt jquery.min.js vuedist.js)

3) import your js file in the templates/layout/app.html.eex.


<script type="text/javascript" src="<%= Routes.static_path(@conn, "/jquery.min.js") %>"></script>

That should be it.

On a related note, the article below takes a look at why your node_modules directory is so ridiculously large “out of the box”.


I peeked into my node_modules directory..