shaun.etherton [Today at 8:02 AM]

hello all,

Hoping someone can give me some tips on standard logging for my phoenix app. I’ve been deploying with this line in a simple script. The mix_env is set to prod.

 elixir --detached  -S mix phx.server > /var/log/phoenix/app.log  

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shaun.etherton [5 minutes ago]

Incase anyone else is stuck on this…

All that was needed was to add the dependency.

[{:logger_file_backend, “~> 0.0.10”}]

and then update the prod.exs config

config :logger,
  format: "$message\n",
  backends: [{LoggerFileBackend, :log_file}, :console]

config :logger, :log_file,
  format: "$message\n",
  level: :info,
  metadata: [:request_id],
  path: "/var/log/phoenix/app.log"

Obviously making sure that the user that runs the elixir command to start the app can write to that directory